Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts in a shelf

There are so many things that I want to do
and wish to be fulfilled with all my heart endearingly, cordially, and very much so.
So many books that I love, literature, motion pictures, movies, music, photography, fashion, paintings, sculptures and pictures! I guess that's the problem- there are too many things that I love- but that's ok. It's totally fine.
There is nothing wrong with falling in love with things that are so breathtakingly beautiful and brings so much inspirations to you.  It's just that I have to find the right direction that would lead the way in creating the world of my own.
I am so happy that I have I fell in love with and what I figured to do best 
As I am still young and fresh, figuring out and creating the world of my own is not so much of an easy task per say. But I am continually growing no doubt! I wish to become a good artist. I hope to make pictures that makes people's heart warm and fill them up with hopes and dreams. 
I'm planning to be a children's book author and a good picture maker ! 
I'm 23years old and still have such a long journey left before me. 
There may highly be a greater chance of me being a happy person and remain as a happy person in the future by choosing this path.
Everything is slowly taking its form; the core identity as who I am as an artist and the works itself. 
It's such a heart pumping procedure that I can't help but jump in excitement! 
I am so happy and blessed to be a picture maker .
thank you so much for everything


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