Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello to the few people out there who are reading my poor English posts
I don't know if you've noticed but it's been a while since my latest update 
well, after my exciting-adventurous exhibition in Seoul, I went to visit my second homeland Taiwan (FYI, i have no blood related relation to this land whatsoever, but I've lived here for quite a while).  
And out of all the exciting visit to crowded night market place or old Chinese exquisite delicacies and discovering the mysterious wonders of Asian wonders, guess what I got into: 
Well, the story goes like this, I  threw myself into a quest of searching for the perfect miniature museum all over internet, and the perfect museum just happened to be taking place in Taipei. hallelujah.
The architecture to interior designs were just too close to perfection.
The main reason I started to search for well made miniatures was because of my lack of ability in visualizing space in my drawings.  Well, stay tuned! because these little miniature houses will help me a long way to improve my picture making skills. Super super excited!
Also these little miniature making kit that I bought is so much fun 
that I couldn't sleep for three days..
I think i had a little too much fun in Taiwan :]

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