Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eco bag !

It's my very first eco bag design for 'Kim Ji-Young Pilates' ! 

reasonable amount of exercise is always good for anybody yes?


Hi, my name is Julia
I dream and have a small heart
i wish my heart was bigger
but I'm sure it's still very warm.
I look for beautiful things that inspire me
I always seem to search for something
but don't exactly know what
all the matter I'm still looking for the missing puzzle piece!

Doors are to open and close

there is a door that will always be opened for you.
there is a door that fits like a glove just for you
there is a door waiting patiently for you to discover!
maybe it will take years or maybe
you'll find them in a snap of your finger you never know
you'll just have to keep searching and keep looking! For life is a continuous journey of choice.
there is a door just for you.