Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a Feeling

Pulling off an all nighter can be so easy but doing it for more than a week can cause health problems (haha) and yes there are times when caffeine wont do the trick.. But anyways, 
you're almost there good luck !   Final is almost coming to an end and so is my 16 years of education 
what a feeling !

Sunday, April 24, 2011

For My Darling You

Congratulations you made it this far , congratulations , congratulations !

Let's forget about the gray days just for the moment,
try to think of the good things that will happen
because I do care about you and for you to know,
I'm giving you a bouquet of flowers that I love the most
I hope you'll notice me as I do, I hope you're happy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good People

It's always a good feeling when you have someone next to you by your side

Sweet Melancholic Picnic

"I brought two cupcakes for you and I to share but one is not eatable because I am on a diet
I'll rather watch you eat this cupcake and be with you. Although my cupcake is made out of wool, at least you wont feel lonely when you're eating"


 First etchings,

Silent Break

There are times when you just want to close your eyes and wish nothing has happened
Regardless, so many thoughts and memories runs across back and forth

My Dear Pygmalion

My dear Pygmalion, sometimes love also can be destructive and wrong
Obsession can be good in some extent 
but extreme obsession can lead to chaos

When The Winter Comes,

When everything starts to feel warm again, a tinge of coldness pass me by

Victoria's Secret

quick sketch in Victoria's Secret
just have to love how they exaggerate the beauty of lingerie to the max

Leopold's Darlings

Sketch book drawing of still life objects 
A pair of New Balance baby shoes and an old version of Minolta Camera 
trust me, they are not random at all

Sweet, sweet remedy

Living in Manhattan, the city that never sleeps
How is it for you? I hope everything is going fine where ever you are
To me, living in the city is like living in a bookshelf. Once it gets put out of the shelves,
you just have to find your way back into your comfort zone, or should I say
where you belong.  So this had been my comfort zone 2years ago.
small cozy space where I can be all me and work like a bee.
I'm sure I'll miss this place although not everything was beautiful back then


This Way, Here

There are so many of them, so many choices, so many before my own eyes,
Which one will you choose to decide,
and after all that jazz, can you still stay strong and firm?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello World !

Hello everyone~  

this blog will be mostly about what I do as a picture maker
updates of my works will be constantly posted up
and some pictures of what I find beautiful :]
so hang in there and welcome to my little world of illustration !

pat on the shoulders for me that I made it this far good.good.


The weather is almost just perfect at this point,
and flowers are beginning to rise and shine
what a good news ~
but it's always best for me to stay indoors and do what I do-
of course. The senior show is just around the corner !